Thousands protest in Aleppo against Turkish Occupation of Afrin

Under the slogan '' Ultimately we Would Return'' thousands of people of the Afrinian IDPs took to the streets of the Shaikh Maqsud and the Ashrafiye neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo, marking the third annual anniversary of the onset of the Turkish Aggression on the Afrin Canton.

Today thousands of the Afrininan IDPs converged on the Shaikh Maqsud and the Ashrafiye neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo in front of the Meetings Hall in the western section of the Shaikh Maqsud neighborhood, holding olive branches and EVRIN made with olive branches as well as the martyrs sacrificed in the Age Resistance.     

Protesters held banners that read : by the free will and thought we would turn 2021 into one for victories and liberating Afrin, we give allegiance to down fascism, Afrin occupation by the Turkish Occupation State and the affiliated mercenaries would end, Afrin is ours.

After a minute of silence was observed, Mohamed Shaikho, co-chair of the Shaikh Maqsud Council, assured that they depend on none except for the forces that were made of their sons, Afrin Liberation Forces, SDF, and Peoples' Protection Units, the YPG, '' it is time to re4volt against the Turkish Occupation Forces and the crimes perpetrated''. .

From her part, Fatima Hesino, member to the Relations Office of Syria's Democratic Council, the SDC, said that ''the aim is to unify all efforts to stand up to dangers posed by the Turkish Occupation Forces and to protect our people against their crimes''.



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