Thousands of Venezuelans prepare to demonstrate against Maduro

Thousands of Venezuelans are set to return to protest on Saturday under pressure from Prime Minister Juan Guido on President Nicolas Maduro.


Thousands of Venezuelans are expected to demonstrate again on Saturday in an attempt by opposition leader Juan Guido to step up pressure on President Nicolas Maduro in the power crisis, AFP reported.

" I call on the Venezuelan people to express their views firmly on the streets against the corrupt, helpless and rapacious regime that has plunged our country into darkness," Guido wrote on his Twitter page yesterday.

Guido is trying to force President Maduro, re-elected president in May, to step down and hold new presidential elections.

On the other hand, Maduro asked his supporters to go out on Saturday in marches against "imperialism", condemning the "electricity war declared by American imperialism."

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday criticized Maduro's accusation that his country was causing power cuts adding, " power outages and hunger are the results of Maduro's inability."




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