​​​​​​​Thousands of mercenaries' families settled in Afrin

The Turkish occupation army settled thousands of defeated mercenaries in Idlib in the villages of the occupied Afrin canton, in continuation of the policy of demographic change.

As the battles intensified in Idlib, the Turkish occupation army settled the mercenaries fleeing Idlib and their families in the villages of the occupied Afrin canton.

Since the occupation of Afrin in the spring of 2018, the Turkish occupation army has deported hundreds of thousands of indigenous Afrin residents, and the mercenaries are being settled instead of them.

Sources from inside Afrin have identified the number of mercenaries for ANHA agency, and the places for their settlement in occupied Afrin.

In the district of Shara, the occupation army settled 84 mercenary families on February 18 in the village of Maarska, and in the village of Mariamin, more than 2,200 mercenaries were settled.

In the villages of Afrin, the occupation army settled 69 mercenaries on February 19 in the village of Trinda, in addition to settling about 100 mercenaries in the village of Maratah.

The Turkish occupation also settled about 60 mercenaries in the village of Mulla Khalil in Janders district.

In the Sherawa district, approximately 1,250 mercenaries were settled in the village of Ghazawiya, in addition to 500 mercenaries near the village of Iska, along with about 560 mercenaries who were settled in an area between the villages of Ghazawiya and Burj Abdo.



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