Thousands of Dêrik people joined hunger strikers in Turkey's prisons  

The people of Dêrik area of Qamishlo have gathered in mass rally to stand in solidarity with Leyla Guven whose hunger strike will enter the 3rd month, demanding to lift the isolation on the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan.


Dêrik area's people, political parties and civil institutions flocked on Monday towards Azadî Square in the center of Dêrik area to stand in solidarity with the struggler Leyla Guven in a march denouncing the brutal practices of AKP against the politicians detained in the prisons.

The participants in the march raised the pictures of the strugglers in the prisons of the Turkish fascist state, banners with, "In the Spirit of Prisons' Resistance, We Will Break Isolation" written on, chanting the slogans that praise the resistance of the political prisoners and hunger strikers, and slogans calling for lifting the isolation on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan.

Dilbar said "The resistance of strugglers in the fascist prisons of Turkey has resonated to public opinion and the world over the practices of the government of Justice and Development against the political activists, hunger strikers and isolation on them."

"The people of north and east of Syria will not stand idly by in the face of the Turkish threats and the massacres committed by the government and its mercenaries in Afrin. The activist Leyla Guven represents the voice of free women and all liberals struggling against fascism," said Dilbar.

In turn, the administrator of the Kurdish language complex Viyan Judy spoke and said, "The Turkish practices against the strugglers and hunger strikers increase our determination to escalate our struggle till achieving the goal of the hunger strikers."

After the words were finished, the demonstrators chanted the slogans denouncing the resistance of the strikers in the prisons of the Turkish fascist state, demanding to lift the isolation imposed on international leader Abdullah Ocalan.



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