Thousands in Kobani start commemorate its liberation from ISIS

In the city of Kobani, the activities marking the fifth anniversary of the liberation of the city from ISIS and the sixth anniversary of its Autonomous Administration announcement have been launched moments ago.

With the participation of thousands of the people of the region, the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the liberation of the city of ISIS from the mercenaries of ISIS and the sixth anniversary of the announcement of the establishment of the Autonomous Administration began in the city of Kobani.

The crowd gathered in the celebration in the martyr Agid Square, which witnessed during the historic battle of Kobani, the fierce battles between ISIS mercenaries and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) who were defending Kobani.

In January 26, 2015, the YPG and the YPG managed to liberate the city of Kobani from ISIS mercenaries after 134 days of continuous resistance.

One year earlier, the founding of Democratic Autonomous Administration was announced in Kobani, specifically in January 27, 2014.

 However, the Autonomous Administration in Kobani celebrates the two occasions every year on this day.

During the celebration, artistic performances have been organized including singing and dancing bands, as well as speeches by officials in the administration of the region to be delivered.

This year’s festive slogan holds the slogan “Be faithful in your stances, as Kobani, the capital of the global resistance, is at risk of disappearing on its global day.”

The Arab and Kurdish components who joined together during the battle for the liberation of Kobani participated in the celebration, as they shared management in the Autonomous Administration in Kobani, as representatives of Manbij and Girê Spi / Tal Abyad administrations participate alongside members and management of institutions and political parties in Kobani.

The co-chair of the General Council of Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria, Farid Ati attends the celebration as well.



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