Thousands gather in Afrin for  funeral of Newroz martyrs

Thousands of people gathered in the center of Janders district of the occupied Afrin canton, awaiting the arrival of the bodies of the martyrs of yesterday's massacre, who were martyred during lighting the Newroz fire.

On the eve of Newroz (March 20), the mercenaries of "Ahrar al-Sharqiya" affiliated with the Turkish occupation state committed a massacre, as they fired live bullets at a number of Kurdish citizens, while they lit the Newroz fire. As a result, four Kurdish citizens of the "Peshmerg" family were martyred, from the village of Hekja, in Shih district.

The four martyrs are; Farhan al-Din Muhammad Othman (43 years old), Nazmi Othman (38 years old), Muhammad Farah al-Din Othman (18 years old), and Muhammad Muhammad Othman (42 years old).

After this massacre, the families of the martyrs and hundreds of people went out in angry demonstrations yesterday, and gathered in front of the "military hospital" in the center of Afrin canton to receive the bodies of the martyrs, and after receiving them, they headed to the town of Atmeh in Idlib.

And the scenes circulated on the virtual means of communication show that thousands of people gathered in the center of the occupied Janders district and above the rubble of the houses that were destroyed in the earthquake, chanting the slogan "The martyrs are immortal" and anti-occupation slogans, waiting for the bodies of the martyrs to arrive for their burial.

While the people are still coming from different villages and districts of Afrin to Janders to participate in the funeral ceremonies.

Worth to note that Newroz fire was lit in the place gathering the people.



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