Thousands demonstrate in Qamishlo against Turkey's threats in N, E of Syria

Thousands of people from the region of Qamishlo took to the streets in demonstration denouncing the Turkish reinforcements on the borders of the north and east of Syria and the aggressive attacks by the Turkish occupation army on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan (south Kurdistan).

Since 27 May, the Turkish occupation army has launched violent attacks on all types of heavy weapons and warplanes, against populated villages in Başûr Kurdistan and lawful defense zones, committing several massacres against civilians the latest of which was the massacre in Kortak village resulted in the killing 3 civilians and the wounding of 5 others. Amid continued the silence of KRG and Iraqi government.

The crowd of protesters held banners written on "No to the Turkish Occupation" and "No to the Turkish State Occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria", and the photos of freedom's martyrs, who were martyred by the bombing of the Turkish occupation on lawful defense zones, the crowd chanted slogans condemning the Turkish attacks "Turkey kills humanity", "Turkey take avenge for Daesh, and chants denounce the silence of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region against the Turkish attacks.

The demonstrators chanted "Turkey Threatens Our Security and Stability", and chants confirm the resistance of the people in the face of the Turkish occupation "Resistance ... Resistance ... Resistance."

The massive crowds are due to go to the tents of the martyrs of Sinan Sur (Ali Aktash), Sarhad Amanus (Omar Allah Dorson), Navdar Sinker (Mikael Ozdemir), Sarhad Shafak (Wahib Tekken) and Shiyar Farashin (Jalal Ozturk). Who were martyred due to Turkish occupation 's shelling on lawful defense zones.



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