Thousands condemn island of Emalli fire at Washokani camp

​​​​​​​Thousands residents of Washokani camp condemned the incident of Emrale Island fire, in which the leader, Abdullah Ocalan is being held, and called on the concerned authorities for immediate enter to reveal the fate of the leader and to lift the siege.

The management of Washokani camp organized a rally to denounce the fire that broke out on the Island of Emrale where the leader, Abdullah Ocalan is being held.

The demonstration began in front of the medical point of the Kurdish Red Crescent.

The demonstrators carried pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, amid chants of " downing with Erdogan", and "There is no life without the leader."

Magda Amin, a member of the follow-up committee at The Washokani camp, read a statement.: "Today's fire is not just a normal event; it is part of the 21-year-old case of refutation and isolation imposed on  Ocalan.  This fire has raised a lot of concern and fears for us."

"In order to uncover the causes of the fire in Emrali, and to obtain information on the status of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and her declaration to the public, independent delegations, lawyers, human rights organizations and the international community must be immediately be allowed to enter Emrali."

Magda Amin also stressed: "The peoples of the world, the political and social organizations demanding freedom, organize events and activities in this regard, because the cooperation with the leader is a historical responsibility, this day is the day of joining with the international leader. "The state should intervene directly to lift the siege on the leader, Abdullah Ocalan."

The demonstration ended with slogans calling for the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and lifting of the siege.



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