Thousands commemorate Qaracox martyrs in al-Jazeera region on 2nd anniversary

Thousands of people from al-Jazeera region have commemorated the second anniversary of the martyrs of Qaracox who were killed by the attack by Turkish military aircraft.

In 25 April 2017, Mount Qaracox in Dêrik was attacked by Turkish warplanes targeting the headquarters of the People's and Women's Protection Units, which included a media center, the Voice of Rojava and other military establishments. As a result of the brutal bombardment, 20 fighters from the People and Women Protection Units including military correspondents at the Media Center.

Thousands of residents of al-Jazeera region and hundreds of members of the military forces arrived at Mount Qaracox to commemorate the martyrs on the second anniversary of their martyrdom. The participants carried pictures of the martyrs of Qaracox, symbols and flags.

The ceremony began with a military parade by hundreds of People's and Women's Protection Units, followed by the word of leader in the Women's Protection Units Laila Washokani, she recalled Qaracox martyrs and all martyrs of the revolution. "On this day, 20 fighters were martyred as a result of the brutal Turkish bombing of the General Command headquarters in Mount Qaracox, while our forces were fighting on the fronts Daesh mercenaries liberating peoples from their terrorism."

"The brutality of the Turkish occupation has exceeded the crimes of Daesh and humanitarian laws and international conventions, while our forces were fighting on the fronts of fighting against mercenary groups backed by Turkey, the Turkish occupation targeted the positions of our forces to relieve the pressure on Daesh."

Laila said that the People's and Women's Protection Units "have achieved the dream of their comrades and the martyrs of Qaracox to eliminate the terrorist organization in northern and eastern Syria." And she pledged to follow their path and protect the regions from any danger

Several speeches were delivered remembering the martyrs of Qaracox and all the martyrs of freedom who sacrificed to protect the north and east of Syria from terrorism.

The aim of this bombing was to break the will of the peoples living under the democratic nation project, and their goals were not realized, because the peoples of northern and eastern Syria united under the democratic nation's approach to peaceful coexistence among themselves.

After the words were finished, the villagers went to the shrine of the martyr Xebat Dêrik and placed the wreaths on the graves of the martyrs of Qaracox.



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