'Thought, decision connecting them is stronger than borders'

The women of Afrin who are residing in al-Shahba said that MP Leyla Guven leading the hunger strike has united the four parts of Kurdistan and broke the borders and distances, asserting that the thought and decision connecting them have been more powerful than before.

The MP of the Democratic Peoples' Party in Colemêrg and the Co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference Leyla Guven continues her open hunger strike for 180th day consecutively, denouncing the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan, where hundreds of self-sacrificed from parts of Kurdistan and Europe had joined to the strike in solidarity with her demands.

The resistance of the strikers destroyed the enemy's borders and proved the power of intellectual connection

Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with a number of Afrin women who are residing in al-Shahab canton. Zakiyya Ibrahim praised MP Leyla Guven's resistance saying, "The days of resistance and strike reached a level that surprised the whole world, attracted world's attention and shook all arenas of struggle and resistance in solidarity with her peaceful demand."

She noted that the activist Leyla Guven once again had shown the will and determination of women who believed in the thought and philosophy of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, and with the solidarity of national and political figures from the four parts of Kurdistan, she broke the borders and distances planted by the Kurdish people's foes.

We would remain in the squares till achieving strikers' demands

In her turn, the young girl Perwin Abdo said they took insistence and determination from the will and strength of MP Leyla Guven, and they stood in solidarity with her demands to achieve the freedom of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan from Imrali prison, stressing that they supported her resistance and would remain in the squares until the strikers' demands would be met.

Leyla Guven's resistance is sacred and fingerprint in women's history

While Hevin Brim noted that the activity of the strike of MP Leyla Guven was sacred and had a great impact on the history of women and the Kurdish people in general.

She stressed that the steadfastness and persistence of the MP on open strike, even after several meetings with Ocalan, and her exit from the prison of the Turkish fascism had consolidated more confidence in peoples' hearts.

Ocalan's freedom spread peace and security for the peoples of the area

For her part, the mother Nazira Ali called on the concerned authorities which claimed to protect and defend human rights by highlighting the arrest of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and his release to spread peace and security through his free and democratic thinking on the peoples of the region and to save the lives of the hunger strikers.



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