Thomas Garrett: lies of Jawish Oglu cannot be refuted!

Shawish Oglu's statements about Turkey's ability to eliminate ISIS cannot be ignored, because the implementation process only done by changing clothes, as the US Congressman has pointed out.


Turkish Foreign Minister Shawish Oglu has claimed that "we have the power to eliminate ISIS in Syria on our own." Today, 25 December, as the comments of Oglu that Turkey is capable to end ISIS by a day, perhaps two hours, as what happened in Jarablus.

Turkey has initially supported the mercenaries of the Sultan Murad sect, which committed several massacres against the people of Aleppo between 2013 and 2015, followed by the brigade of Suleiman Shah, the brigade of Sultan Malak Shah and the forces of Alp Arslan and the brigade of Sultan Mohamed Al-Fateh, the Hamzah, al-Jabha al- Shamia, reaching to Janhit a-Nusra the ISIS mercenaries who announced themselves on 29 July 2014.

Turkey's support for ISIS was evident, and many documents and testimonials appeared. Egyptian journalist Mustafa Bakri said in a statement to an Egyptian media on March 4, 2015 that Turkey was the first to open its doors to ISIS. "Everyone knows that all logistical assistance to ISIS is carried out on Turkish territory and with direct instructions from Turkish President Recep Erdogan."

At that time, Mustafa Bakri pointed out that Erdogan's statements about ISIS make us laugh and surprise, because Turkey itself is the one who opened its doors to the foreigners, and trained them to take up arms and treat them in its territory.

Bakri explained that the physical evidence of Turkey's cooperation with ISIS is the deal that took place between ISIS and Turkey in September 2014, where 39 Turkish diplomats were released in exchange for the release of military documents of Turkey, all that revealing the blatant contradiction of Turkey

In the wake of Oglu's remark and the very recent history of 2016, specifically on August 24, about what happened in Jarablus, within two hours, Turkey claimed, as its Foreign Minister now claims, that it had liberated Jarablus from ISIS in the shortest battle of two hours, while at that time more than 20,000 of ISIS mercenaries were in Jarablus, including more than 5,000 wounded, were injured during the liberation of the Manbij military council of their mercenaries on August 12, 2016.

Many are wondered, where are the 20 thousand mercenaries? Where are their corpses? The answer was delivered by the Anadol agency, by a video, which was published by the agency, which lasted about 5 minutes on August 24, showed how the play was the liberation of Jarablus, according to Turkey's claims of ISIS.

Occupying Jarablus was only by changing clothes, the US Republican congressman on the Republican Party and a member of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee Thomas Garrett, who visited North and East Syria on October 22 and met most of the representatives of North, East, Syria and some of the people of Jarablus area Grable, during his speech to a session of the US Congress "One of the stories I have heard is how the Turkish army entered Jarablus under the pretext of fighting and eradicating ISIS. They had only changed their military uniforms, and now they are working with Turkey under other military uniforms and other names," he said.

If the statements of Shawish Oglu cannot be denied about Turkey's ability to eliminate ISIS alone, because the judicial process only needs to change clothes, as the member of the US Congress explained.



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