They were torturing us until we wish to die

After many attempts and great dangers, he managed to get out of Afrin, carrying marks of torture in the detention centers of mercenary groups, and carrying in his memory much of what he wanted to tell.

A citizen from Afrin, like the rest of the population, went out to Al-Shahba district during the Turkish occupation to Afrin canton. He was then deceived by some of the claims that the area is safe and they can return to, and his desire to stay near his property and land prompted him to return again. But what awaited him was more horrible than death.

3 months of torture

Only five days after the return of the citizen, who preferred not to be named for security reasons, the Turkish occupation army and his mercenaries raided his house at 5 am and took him handcuffed to an unknown destination.

For three months he did not know where he was and why he was at the torture headquarters. He was subjected to the most severe forms of torture ranging from beatings, electrocution, knife wounds, strangulation by rope and other brutal methods of torture.

"They were torturing me with a group of Afrin citizens, and they told us obscene words. They were tying our necks and dragging us around."

"They were stuffing our mouths and noses with a cloth, then spraying us with water until we were strangled. They were torturing us until we wished to die," he said.

Sold possessions, borrowed money to rid of that

He pointed out that the investigator, a mercenary of the Turkish occupation asked him 300 thousand SP for not being transferred to the Turkish prisons and he paid, and three days later asked him if he wants to get out of prison or be sentenced by Turkey, which is a prison from 5 to 10 years. They forced him to pay one million SP.

"To ask for money from my brothers, they gave me a mobile phone to talk to. I told my brothers to sell all their possessions and borrow to secure this money to get rid of this tragedy. They managed to secure the money until I got out of prison."

Landowners are helpless

Regarding the situation of the people in the area, he said: "The owners of the land do not have the right and the ability to work in their lands as Turkey-backed mercenaries impose their control over everywhere."

The citizen stressed that there is great chaos among the mercenaries, and there are many groups that kidnap the people and kill them and throw them at agricultural lands, and no one is holding them accountable.

Everyone hopes to be saved from the Turkish occupation

He stressed that all the people of Afrin hope to get out of this psychological and physical suffering, "but they do not have the money, since most of them support a family and cannot pay a million pounds per person to ensure their exit from the control and brutality of the Turkish occupation."



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