They renew pledge of resistance until Afrin liberation

The residents of Afrin canton in al-Shahba renewed their determination and steadfastness to resist all plans and conspiracies of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in the region. "The decision to liberate Afrin will not be canceled." he said.

More than a year has passed since the steadfastness and resistance of the people of Afrin canton during the first and second resistance stages. During this period, the people showed the greatest heroic campaigns and still continue until this moment.

In an interview with ANHA agency with the people of Afrin resisting in al-Shahba, they assured and renewed their steadfastness. In the context of the citizen said Bahri Ismail, "the Turkish occupation launched in January 20 last year the most violent attacks on Afrin canton in order to exterminate and suppress the components of the region, as he did in many areas of Syria, certainly the Resistance of the Age for 58 days and during its second phase today proved to the world that there is nothing capable of standing in front of our resistance. "

Bahri stressed that no matter what the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries committed, the policy of genocide against the people of Afrin will not reach its goal, we are an organized people that took the principles of the democratic nation as a basis, so we will not break and will not be affected by the Turkish aggression and psychological war.

Addressing Erdogan, she said, "We are a people created from the resistance, our history is full of steadfastness and we have stood firm against your tyrannical regime, and with our resistance we will liberate Afrin," said Siham Khalil, who lives in al-Shahba canton in the second phase of Resistance to the Age.

"Aisha Hussein pointed out that women of Afrin canton resist and will cling to their steadfastness in al-Shahba canton, adding that the land of Afrin belongs to the owners who protected Afrin under the crisis and the Syrian war, and we are on the path of resistance, whatever the circumstances of the people are.

For her part, Amina Seydou pointed out that the Turkish occupation army and its terrorist mercenaries believe that by displacing us and waging wars on our people, it will affect our will and determination. However, the resistance of 58 days in Afrin reaching al-Shahba has thwarted all plans and conspiracies.


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