They chose al-Shahba to complete resistance as it reminds them of their area  

Afrin people made clear that they chose al-Shahba canton to complete resistance against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries because the geography of the area is close to Afrin so they consider it a basis for their resistance. They also said, "Afrin is the soul, how would we live without a soul?"


With the approach of a year passed on the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, Afrin people chose al-Shahba canton's land to displace to seeking to continue their struggle. Afrin people realized that there is no place except for al-Shahba canton to be taken as a basis for continuing their resistance.

The attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Afrin canton launched in January 20, 2018, and they occupied it on March 18 after they have used all the heavy weapons.

Resistance is a prominent feature for the Kurdish people due to the continuous aggression and occupation by the hostile counties over centuries. Afrin people took a great part of that feature as more than 100,000 civilians chose al-Shahba canton to continue their resistance there.

In a tour of our agency, Hawar news agency, within Serdem camp, it polled the views of the people and asked why they chose al-Shahba canton as a place for their resistance as a second stage of the Resistance of the Age.

The citizen Othman Othman said, "We greatly resisted in spite of the continuing bombardment by the occupiers. We are in al-Shahba because its geography is near to Afrin."

Othamn continued, "We are sure that with this resistance, we will make freedom by ourselves. Nothing is important but the liberation of Afrin. We know that with our resistance, we will liberate it."

The citizen Hassen Mohammed wondered of which right the Turkish occupation army attacked Afrin canton with its mercenaries. He added, "Did they do that because we had been the owners of will? Do they think that with their brutal mentality, they would make us slaves to them? They are wrong, and we have our word. We do not fear anything, and we will resist."

Mohammed made clear that they are the owners of the land and said, "We are the real owners of the land. We chose al-Shahba in spite of the difficulty of life to assure that we are able to tolerate all the obstacles for the sake of Afrin. Afrin is the soul, and there is no reason for our residing in al-Shahba except for Afrin."

The citizen Mohammed Ibrahim said that they are continuing the resistance with several ways. He continued, "Our homeland is occupied by the hostile counties of the Kurdish people. In al-Shahba, We re-organized ourselves again and we are managing ourselves autonomously."

Ibrahim concluded his speech, "Afrin was the canton of peace and safety. The Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries were the reason for our exit from Afrin, while our resistance would be a reason for their exit from Afrin."



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