They burnt him 2,000 trees because he did not pay them $ 10,000

The Turkish occupation mercenaries stationed in Janders area of ​​Afrin canton burned about 2,000 olive trees belonging to a local citizen, after he could not pay a huge sum of money imposed by the mercenaries.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries which occupy Afrin canton continue their violations against the people of Afrin. According to a source from Janders district, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation demanded the citizen Mohammed Ali Kasab to pay $ 10,000 without any reasons.

The source pointed out that the citizen was unable to afford that sum of money for them. The mercenaries stationed in Afrin's Janders district set fire to two thousand olive trees belonging to Mohammed Ali Kasab and burned them in revenge as he could not pay the money.


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