The wounded: Syrian government agents shot us after failing to create discord

The injured from the town of al Gharanej, who were shot by Syrian government agents two days ago, said that this operation is a provocative reaction to the government's failure to create and fuel discord in the region, calling on the SDF and the coalition to protect civilians in the areas adjacent to the areas controlled by the Syrian government.

After the incident of the Syrian government targeting the town of Al-Gharanej in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, in which two civilians were injured, ANHA met with the two wounded, who described it as provocative, and that it came after the Syrian government’s failure to ignite discord in the countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Musa al-Sultan, who was shot in the hand, narrated with his cousin Ghannam al-Sultan, who was dumb, and who was wounded in the side the details of that incident, as he confirmed at the beginning of his speech that it was not the first time that the Syrian government elements and their loyalists attacked civilians on the other side of the Euphrates River.

Musa and Ghannam work in fishing, and on that day, without any prior warning and while they were fishing in the Euphrates River, the oldest group of Syrian government elements shot them, as they jumped from the boat, while they were in the heart of the river, and swam until they reached the other bank where they were treated by the villagers.

Musa Al-Sultan also confirmed that the Syrian government forces are constantly targeting the area adjacent to the river with light and heavy weapons, a reaction that always comes from the elements of the Syrian government when they fail to inflame the strife in the Autonomous Administration areas, and this time it came in the wake of their failure to fuel the fire of sedition between the Al-Aqeedat clan and the Syrian Democratic Forces after the killing of Sheikh Mutashar Al-Hafl.


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