The wounded in al-Hasakah hospital: Turkey shelled us with phosphorus

The wounded civilians in people’s hospital in al-Hasakah said they had been shelled by the Turkish occupation army with unconventional weapons, reinforcing doubts about Turkey's use of white phosphorus in its attack on northern and eastern Syria.

Civilians are currently receiving treatment at the People's Hospital in the city of Hassakeh canton related to Jazeera region in the north and east of Syria.

One civilian suffered burns due to the Turkish occupation army targeting a convoy of civilians that was heading to support the resistance of Serekaniye several days ago.

"The type of weapon was phosphorus," Sipan said in an interview on Friday. "Although there are civilians hundreds of feet away from me, they also suffered burns," said Sipan, whose body was almost completely burned.

Another burn victim said they were shelled when they were heading to Aliya village in the western countryside of Tall Tamr.


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