The week of rage begins in Lebanon ... protests and confrontations with security

Today, Lebanon is witnessing protests interspersed with security forces and road blockages, in response to calls to start the week of rage.

The protests have witnessed re-escalation amid continuing crisis of forming a government capable of ending the economic collapse and the political crisis.

The Lebanese MTV channel reported that the protesters blocked a number of roads. In Beirut, Al-Madaniya Sports Highway was cut with burning tires, and the same to the highway in Furn El-Shabak district, on the outskirts of the capital, Beirut.

In the north, dozens of roads were cut, including the two-way Palma Highway, the two-way Al-Qalamoun Highway, the Beddawi Highway in both directions, the Al-Tabbana Highway in both directions, and the Marg roundabout at the port towards the Beirut and Tripoli highways, according to the Sky News Arab correspondent in Lebanon.

In the Bekaa, protesters have cut off many roads since early morning, including the Kamid Al-Louz road, Jeb Jenin in the Western Bekaa, and the Zahle Roundabout in the central Bekaa.

The MTV said that hit-and-run operations are taking place between the security forces and the demonstrators at the Ring Bridge, and that the Lebanese army has arrived there as well.

Groups of the popular movement in Lebanon called for a "week of rage" starting from Tuesday, in all Lebanese regions, after 90 days have passed since the protest movements spreading across the various regions.


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