The Turkish occupation sends troops, soldiers to Syrian territory

The Turkish occupation army continues to send troops to the Syrian territory, where a military convoy of more than 30 vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles, entered through the border crossing of Kafr El-Hussein north of Idlib in conjunction with the continued escalation in the governorates of Idlib and Hama.

As a result of the continued shelling in the so-called "escalation" areas, the Turkish occupation army brought in a new military convoy towards Syrian territory. It entered a convoy of more than 30 vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles, through the border crossing of Kfar Idris, north of Idlib heading towards a Turkish point in Morik north of Hama.

Moreover, yesterday evening, a military convoy of the Turkish occupation army consisting of 50 armored military vehicles was deployed at the observation posts in Tal al-Ais in southern Aleppo countryside and Tal al-Touqan and al-Sarman in the eastern countryside of Idlib.

The Observatory for Human Rights confirmed on 24 May, reported the entry of a new military line belonging to the Turkish occupation army towards the Syrian territory, consisting of several machineries carrying logistical and military equipment headed towards the Turkish point in Cher Maghar in Mount Shashbo north-west Hama, in conjunction with intensive ground and aerial bombardment in different parts of the rural Idlib and Hama.


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