The stealing of Sere  kania and Gire Spi crops legitimized by Turkey

 Turkey is trying stealing of the occupied areain the north and east of Syria through a deal with is called the interimwhich sells the drudgery of Sere kania AND Gire Spi crops to the Turkish state at low price.

Abdul hakim al-Masri, who is the minister of economy in the so-called "interim government" which receives support from Turkey, claims to be a government of the Syrian opposition, to one of its media sites, said that an agreement has been concluded with Turkey that includes the import of barley from the occupied city of Gire Spi/Tel Abyad.

According to Al-Masri, the site of the so-called "interim government", Turkey will pay 1,100 Turkish liras per tonne for the first class of barley equivalent to ($200), stressing that the price is lower depending on the quality of the grains.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from the Syrian National Army launched an attack on the northern and eastern regions of Syria on 9 October 2019, using all kinds of heavy weapons such as warplanes, tanks, cannons and even internationally prohibited weapons, such as white phosphorus, and the Turkish occupation army committed several massacres against the people of the region, particularly the people of Gire Spi/Tal Abyad, Sri Kanih/Ras al-Ain, not to mention field executions.

 Following the occupation of both Gire Spi/Tal Abyad, Sri Kani/Ras al-Ain, the Turkish occupation army began their usual work of stealing and looting civilian property. Among them are grain silos, which are a temporary reservoir for the people of the region, where agricultural crops are collected.

The number of silos occupied by the Turkish occupation army within the cities of Kresbe/Tal Abyad, Sri Kani/Ras al-Ain, five, two of which are in Cree Spey, a vestibule silo, containing 700 tons of wheat, and 21 tons of wheat. 11,700 tons of wheat, in addition to an estimated 800 tons of sterile seed in Cree Spy.

Three silos in Sri Kania, a high silo, including 15,000 tons of wheat, foot silos containing 9,000 tons of wheat, and mabrouka silos contained 1,500 tons of wheat and prepared for seed, and the amount of barley found in the silos and the foot of the barley.

The total wheat in the silos of Sri Kane and Creei9tt//bey was 42,700 tons of wheat, 2,300 tons of seed, and a total of 33,000 tons of barley in Sri Cane and Gre Spiز

Amounts it was mentioned to  crops of both towns Gire Spi and Sere Kania for the previous years turkey by having a deal with what is so-called" the interim government" that is basically part of the Turkish regime and works under the umbrella of the Syrian opposition legitimize stealing the hard work of sons of north east of Syria under the nose of the world.

    Apart from conducting  an agreement on the purchase of barley, Turkey conducted  a second agreement with the "interim government" that includes importing olive oil from Afrin city, al-Masri said.

 The so-called "Interim Syrian Government" was established in The Turkish city of Istanbul on March 19, 2013, with the support and under the instruction  of the Turkish authorities, Turkey uses it to apply its occupation agenda within Syria.



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