The people of Manbij celebrate 3rd liberation anniversary

The people of Manbij have celebrated Manbij liberation by the Syrian Democratic Forces where several speeches were delivered and artistic performances were presented as well as Dabka.

The celebration of the third anniversary of the liberation of the city of Manbij kicked off this afternoon with the participation of thousands of people from the city of Manbij in Al-Ghassaniyah School. At the ceremony, several speeches were made that praised the role of the people of Manbij in liberating their city from ISIS and initiating a new era.

After the speeches, several performances were performed according to the specific program of the concert, a song by the Coral Band from Baqi Khedu Center in Kobani. The Civil Democratic Administration in Manbij City and its countryside presented two gifts, which are swords of the Manbij Military Council and the Internal Security Forces in Manbij in honor of their efforts to protect the city.

After the honoring, the Circassian band presented the famous Circassian dance, then Botan Turkmen band performed a folkloric Turkmen dabka, the Arabic band danced the Arab folkloric Dabka, and for its part, Mahaba band of the Center for Culture and Art in Manbij presented several songs.

Manbij Theater Group of the Center for Culture and Art and gave a theater performance entitled "Hand in Hand ", which embodied the brotherhood of peoples and the flesh of the ingredients in the city of Manbij. Therefore, the Center for Culture and Art performed a concert in three languages ​​(Arabic, Kurdish, Turkmen).

In the end, on the echo of the folkloric songs the Center for Culture and Art performed, the people of Manbij city and the forces of Manbij Military Council danced Dabka in the center of the celebration square.


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