The new allies in Syria, IS attacks


The Attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria have increased in recent times, but the attacks are aimed at the Global Coalition which are working with the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) and the People's Protection Units(YPG), which have been fighting IS since 2015. These forces entered a direct war with IS and when IS was targeting SDF it was also targeting the Global Coalition. But in areas that do not witness war, they were not able to target the Global Coalition, but it appears that this has changed.

Many think that the matter is arranged by those forces that do not want US forces to withdraw from Syria, but this is far from the truth. The forces which do not want America to get out of Syria are the ones who are pursuing policies on Syrian territory. Russia says that if the United States withdraws, the Syrian regime and the Russian soldiers will take their place. The Turkish state wants it too. In fact, neither Turkish occupation nor Russia wants America to withdraw soon from Syria. If we see a withdrawal, the gains of the Global Coalition and SDF within 4 years will be in their interests.

Israel does not want America to withdraw from Syria

Israel never wants the US military to withdraw from Syria. It sees great fears on its land. Israel sees the US withdrawal as a threat to Iran in light of Iran's presence in Syria, not the immediate withdrawal, but also sees the slow withdrawal as a danger to itself. Iran calls Israel its greatest enemy. So far, Iran is the biggest beneficiary of the wars in Iraq and Syria. It is realizing its dream of establishing a Shiite crescent. Now an Iranian soldier leaves Tehran and arrives in Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea easily and this frightens Israel.

Iran wants America to withdraw quickly from Syria, but is this the truth?

Iran may want US to withdraw from Syria, it perceives this withdrawal as victory and shows it publicly. But Iran is also in a situation that may not be allowed to remain in Syria. In the event of a US withdrawal from Syria, Russia will also press Iran to stop its moves in Syria, which is a paradox for Iran. Iran may have taken the US withdrawal into account, but nothing is clear so far.

Russia has developed a good relationship with the U.S in Syria

Russia planned its presence on Syrian territory, based on the presence of America, was formulating its policies with the allies of Iran and the Syrian regime and even the ally of dubious Turkey, according to the US presence in Syria, so that Russia was forming relations with the Kurds in Syria, based on the US presence in the north and east of Syria. Even if Russia was in opposition to the United States in some affairs, it was in agreement with the latter in Syria on a daily basis. Russia does not want this American relations, which benefited from a lot, to go with the wind. So it does not want America to rush to withdraw from Syria, so that it can move with it depending on the situation.

Turkey says to US :"Let's stay together in Syria,"

The Turkish occupation state is among the most who do not want the United States to withdraw its troops from Syria. So far, the statements of the Turkish state in this regard are nothing more than propaganda. In fact, the Turkish occupation state knows that if America withdraws its forces from Syria, it will not be able to continue its presence on Syrian territory and will not be able to launch attacks on northeastern Syria and not even protect its presence in Afrin and Jrablos. All Turkish state strategies depend on the forces in Syria. So when the Turkish state says they have to move together, it asks America for something else to protect the skies of the region and provide military support for it. These demands make it clear that the Turkish occupation state does not want America to withdraw its forces from Syria, but wants to protect its occupation.

What does the Kurds want?

First, the Kurds say they reject the Turkish occupation. Even if the US forces withdraw, we are not weak and we have already begun negotiations with the Syrian regime and Russia on the basis of the unity of Syrian territory. Simultaneously, we say to America and the Global Coalition to fight IS that IS threatening danger has not ended in the region. But that does not mean that things will stop if their forces do not exist. This leads to losing confidence in their policy and showing the instability of their policies. At the same time, the Kurds say that you have to be honest with your partners. The Kurds say to Russia if you really want the unity of the Syrian territory you have to stand up to the Turkish occupation and apologize from our people in Afrin.

The Kurds explained their demands from the Syrian regime:

1- Unity of the Syrian lands.

2. The system in Syria is a democratic republican system, and the Autonomous Administration is part of this system.

3 - The Autonomous Administration will be represented in the parliament in Damascus center.

4. Along with the Syrian flag, there must be flags representing autonomous Administrations.

5. Diplomacy in the areas of Autonomous Administration goes in a manner that does not contradict the interests of the Syrian people and the constitution.

6. Syrian Democratic Forces are part of the Syrian army, which is responsible for protecting the Syrian border.

7. The Internal Security Forces in the areas of Autonomous Administration work according to the local councils in a way that does not contradict with the Syrian constitution.

8. Learning in the mother tongue is the basis of education in the areas Autonomous Administration, and Arabic is the official language throughout Syria.

9. In the areas of Autonomous Administration, education in local languages ​​is taught in faculties of history, culture, languages, literature and the like.

10 - Distribution of Syrian wealth to the Syrian regions in a fair manner.

Who does not want the solution is the one launching the attacks!

Accordingly, the titles of the attacks are many, no one wants the withdrawal of US forces from Syria, especially the Turkish occupation state. I said earlier that the attack of Manbij and recently al-Shadadi attack is the result of the new agreement between the Turkish state , Hay'et Tahrir al-Sham and IS. I am confident that in a short period of time a lot of evidences will emerge that confirms this.



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