The Israeli army shells Gaza after firing rockets from Gaza Strip

At dawn today, the Israeli army shelled military sites belonging to Palestinian factions and agricultural lands, after 5 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israeli towns and military sites near the Gaza Strip.

ANHA correspondent in Gaza: "The Israeli army aircraft and artillery, targeted different lands and locations, on the eastern border of Gaza," pointing out that there were no casualties from the shelling.

Our correspondent stated that the shelling was in retaliation for the firing of 5 rocket-propelled grenades at Israeli towns near Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources estimate, according to ANHA correspondent: "The rocket fire from Gaza came in response to the Israeli army's killing of two children yesterday and the injury of more than 70 others in the marches of return and break the siege."

The Israeli army said in a statement: "The forces had raided targets positions belonging to Palestinian factions, in Gaza, in response to the firing of shells from the Gaza Strip."

The Palestinian factions in Gaza have vowed to respond to Israel's targeting of participants in the "marches of return and break the siege" border.



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