"The hunger strike is in the interest of the entire Kurdish people"

"We will continue to support the campaign of hunger strike because it is in the interest of all the Kurdish people," said the participants in the sit-in in Kobani.

Under the patronage of Kongra Star, the Democratic Union Party and the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, a sit-in tent was erected in the town of Kobani on the border of Rojava and Bakur (northern Kurdistan), attended by thousands from Kobani to support hunger strikers' campaign.

On the second day of the sit-in hundreds of people from Kobani canton, including Kurds and Arabs and members of civil institutions flowed to the tent.

"We salute all the hunger strikers," said Ahmed Khouja, member of the governing body of the Democratic Union Party. "We will continue to support them because they are doing something that is in the interest of the entire Kurdish people. The most important thing is that they do this to lift the isolation of leader Ocalan. Our people should support the strikers wherever they were."

"We are aiming to support Leyla Guven and all the hunger strikers ... The world lacks humanity because Leyla Guven has gone for 197th day on hunger strike and the world is still silent about it, but we will continue our activities that demand the lifting of isolation, whatever happens," the young woman Farida Osman said.

The young man Ahmed Darwish said that thousands of activists and politicians go on hunger strike "demanding lifting of the isolation of Ocalan, and as youth we will always support them because our leader says" we started with youth and will win through them."



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