​​​​​​​The hidden faces of MIT in Tel Tamir are revealed

​​​​​​​The SDF announced that the agents working with the MIT and who played several roles in the martyrdom of many fighters and citizens were arrested during “Operation Oath”. The confessions of some of those agents were broadcasted on Ronahi TV. Especially the confessions of the agent named Yousif and his wives who caused the martyrdom of SDF fighters and commanders were broadcasted.

On July 31, the SDF announced that several agents who were working for the MIT and played roles in the martyring of several fighters and citizens, were arrested during Operation Oath. The confessions of some of those agents, along with documents which fell into the hands of the security forces, were broadcasted on Ronahi TV during the program “Hidden Faces”. During the first episode of the program, the confessions of the agent by the name Yousif Osman Sido, who originates from Erisha village in occupied Serekaniye in addition to the confessions of his wives who caused the martyrdom of SDF fighters and commanders in Tel Tamir, was broadcasted. In these reports, along with the dirt caused by these spies, the networks of espionage and attacks, as well as the methods of MIT, which devalue people and turn them into spies, also come to light.


Regarding his inclusion in MIT, Yousif says: "In 2018, a person named Muhammad Ramzo, who is our man, sought me out and asked me to take some photos of American forces' cars to show on television and that I would be given money for it. I told him ok, it can be done. After talking to me for 4 days, a woman was with him. He told me that I am not talking to you anymore, now this woman will be talking to you.

I was taking photos of the American force`s vehicles for about one month. I worked with that woman named Selma for about one month. After a month, she asked me to have the gps on my phone turned on whenever i went to the comrades` bases. During that time, telephones were not forbidden. She asked me to not turn my internet off. I only sent photos of the American forces`s vehicles which went to Tel Tamir. I did not send anyhing else. I sent around 8 or 9 photos. I was a member of the Military Police. Every time that I went to the comrade`s bases, I always had my phone with me and the internett was always turned on. After around 20 days, this woman sent me a map and asked me to use it during my work. On this basis, I identified the points in Tel Tamir, like Um Al-Keyf where the comrades have a base and a regiment. There was also a regiment in Arbein which I identified and sent..”

Yousif says that at the beginning, the person he came in contact with works only with the Turks, but after fulfilling their demands, they told him "I am a member of MIT." He also points out that dollars and narcotics were used to get him included in espionage, saying that they sent him 2,900 dollars and some narcotics in one of the espionage jobs.

After Yousif the agent was deeper included into the MIT, he conducts his dirty work with expertice; names, photos, information on the fighters, movements, places, numbers and military coordinates of the Tel Tamir region.. he sends all of these to the MIT. Yousif also confesses that fighters were martyred as a result of the information he provided; “… One night, I went to Um Al-Keyf and stayed there over night. After this, I went to Tel Tamir to get telephone reception and sent them information on the soldiers in Soda, Erisha, Dawoudiye, Tel Tawil and Tel Keyf. During that time, our soldiers were not in the bases. They were deployed in the tunnels. Thus, i provided them information regarding all the points in Dirdara vilalge. Dirdara village was shelled one hour after I provided them with that information and a comrade was martyred in Kazwan(Abdulaziz) mountain.”

After a while, the spy Yousif, continues his relations with a MIT member named Gulbahar and confesses: “After, Gulbahar wanted the names of comrades who were commanders. I provided them with the name of comrade Xwinrej from the Asayish administration in addition to the names of comrade Ahmed and comrade Berivan. At that time, they sent 4 million Syrian Lira through the Zar office and another time they sent 2 800 000 Syrian Lira to the same office. They only wanted information on the relations center in Tel Tamir. I provided her with the names of whoever came and left the office in addition to the names of the commanders and their drivers. She also wanted the phone numbers of the drivers, so I also sent these. They mostly wanted information regarding comrade Shoresh. Comrade Shoresh was the frontline commander. They also wanted information on comrade Renas who was the district commander in addition to comrade Sosin who was also a district commander as well as comrade Dilovan who was responsible for the eastern frontline.

When the time of the meeting came, I provided information on topics such as increase or reduction in number if fighters, on transfer-orders of specific comrades, which comrade took whos comrade`s place etc. There was a meeting every Thursday. On Mondays there was planning meetings. I gave them all this information.”


According to the confessions of the agent Yousif, he gave the names of many commanders, fighters and drivers, their radio code-names to MIT through telephone, radios and other devices. In particular, using different methods, he confirmed to them the coordinates of the relations office in Tel Tamir, where the commanders of the area used to get their updates and make their plans. He cooperated with them several times in different ways and together they planned the attack on the relations center of Til Temir on July 12 to martyr Commander Sosin Birhat and her comrades.


The agent Yousif spoke regarding the planning and execution of this attack and said: "They asked me what the days of the planning meetings are. I said it is Thursday and Monday, and on the 15th each month, there is a meeting. They told me that we will attack with a plane. So, comrade Sosin, Renas, Dilovan and Shoresh must be present there. Also, they told be that they will send me something which I should put in the room, but at first, they did not tell me it was explosives. I asked them if it was exlosives or something else. They said yes, it`s explosives. I picked it up and went home.

On Monday, after 3 days, they asked me who is present and who is not present. I said everyone has arrived. They told me, when you have the opportunity, put the explosives in the room. I said ok. The mine was very big, so I told them that it is not possible in the room, that is, the chairs are small, it is not possible. They asked me what is around the room. I said, the armory is in the back of the room. They asked me to close the door of the armory and the meeting room so that they know the distance between them. I said, there is a wall between them, not too far. I brought the mine and put it in the armory and pushed the activation button above it. I could see that it was activated.

On mid-day Thursday, i called them and said that today there is a meeting. They told me that this is none of your business and said that they know themselves when to set off the explosion. They asked me which comrades had arrived. I said everyone has arrived. The mine exploded at 17.40 p.m. Comrade Sosin, comrade Agid, comrade Ali and comrade Sayfedin were martyred. Comrade Çîçek, comrade Azad and comrade Derbas were injrued.”


After this attack, which caused great pain in the hearts of all the people of the region, the agent Yousif continues his spy work and the members of MIT want to monitor commander Karker who has just arrived in Til Temir and send another mine to the agent. The agent and his two wives by the names Aysha and Raperin receive the mine and hides it. But after some time, they were unable to carry out their dirty plan and the MIT then threatened to expose their espionage work. But after, they talked to them with a soft voice and said they wanted them to carry out their plan. The agent Yousif says this: “After some time, they spoke to me again in a soft tone and told me to go and plant the mine and that I shoul not do it in a hurry. He told me that because he threatened me because he was angry. He told me to get the mine, but not in 3 days. He told me to take it easy and plant the mine. I told them the place of comrade Karker`s car and I also provided them with the location of comrade Çîçek and Karker`s place. They sent me a photo of comrade Karker and asked me to confirm if it was him or not. I said yes, it`s him.” But before the agent could carry out his dirty plan, he, along with his two wives, were arrested by the security forces.



Appart from the actions mentioned above, the agent Yousif adds to his confessions regarding the dirty works: “I gave around 25 telephone numbers of the commanders` drivers and their photographs to the Turkish MIT. In addition to this, i sent the voice recordings of the comrades`s discussions 5 times to the MIT. I also sent them the coordinates of many places in Tel Tamir and around 5-6 coordinates of places in Dirbesiye. I also sent them the coordinates of around 9 bases and checkpoints in Hassakeh. The remaning were of Dirdara village and the Zirgan axis. I sent them the coordinates of around 70 positions along the Zirgan axis.”

Agent Yousif`s wives, named Aysha and Raperin, pointed out in their confessions that they were witness to Yousif`s espionage work and aided him in carrying out his dirty plans.


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