'The forum discussed important topics will be the axis of future sessions'

Administrators in a forum held by the Syrian Women's Council, noted that the forum discussed important topics related to the Islamic religion. These topics will be important topics in future sessions.

The Syrian Woman Council held a forum on last Thursday in Ain Issa district in participant of 150 woman figures of the councils, the organizations, the parties and the women in the north and East of Syria in which two axis were discussed: The reality of women amid the religious extremism and its reflects and the other axis is renewing reading the religious text and the prospects of solutions.

In this context ANHA agency conducted an interview with the administrators who attended the forum, where the administrator in the Woman Administrators Zolikha Abedi said, "Women were targeted by all mercenary groups in previous years, which targeted the world in general and north-east Syria, especially under the name of the Islamic religion.". So we thought it necessary to hold such forums and dialogues to know that the Islamic religion is a religion of tolerance. "

She said that this forum will have positive results on the ground, by reaching out to all women in Syria and introducing them to the true Islamic religion, especially women who have been mercenaries who continue to pose a threat to society as a result of extremist ideas planted by mercenaries in their minds.

"We will increase awareness campaigns for women in their homes or in places dedicated to their awareness," Zolikha Abedi said.

"Through the forum we discussed that the laws imposed by Daesh have nothing to do with Islam, and on this basis there was extensive discussion," said a member of the Economics Committee of the Women's Department in al-Raqqa Duaa Hassan.

In her turn, the director of the Women's Department in al-Raqqa Jihan Hassan noted that the forum clarified many of the things that she had challenged, in addition to opening discussion in subjects that were forbidden to women from before, stressing that this forum discussed important topics that could be the focus of future sessions.



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