The displaced of Afrin denounce international plot, emphasize resistance

Hundreds of Afrin residents living in Al-Shahba camp camp demonstrated against the international conspiracy that targeted the leader Abdullah Ocalan in February 15, 1999, and they emphasized the continuation of the resistance and the failure of the plot.

Hundreds of people from Afrin gathered in Serdam camp square in Al-Shahba district, where the demonstration started and roamed the camp.

The demonstrators carried flags and pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and pictures of martyrs and banners reading: "The international conspiracy against leader Apo is a conspiracy against the will of democratic peoples and peace, the brotherhood of peoples to ensure peace and democracy."

The demonstration stopped in front of the camp council for a minute of silence, after which Muhammad Abdo made a speech in the name of Afrin Provincial Council denouncing the conspiracy by the dominant countries, and described the 15th of February as a black day for the Kurdish people.

"The capitalist and colonial states seek to continue their project aimed at dividing peoples in the Middle East and pursuing their colonial interests in the region," he added.

Muhammad Abdo asserted that leader Ocalan's thought revealed all the enemy's plans, and that he therefore arrested him.

In turn, the administrator of Kongra Star Salha Muhammad noted that the resistance of leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali for the past 21 years for the sake of his people cannot be ended, and added, "The Kurdish people have proven to the whole world that they rightful."

Salha Muhammad concluded her speech by emphasizing the continued resistance in Al-Shahba canton.

The demonstration ended with chanting slogans that salute resistance of leader Abdullah Ocalan, Resistance of the Age and Dignity Resistance.



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