The displaced from Afrin abide by guidelines to prevent Coronavirus

The displaced people from Afrin in Al-Shahba canton have started buying more quantities than usual food and daily necessities, in order to avoid frequent going to the markets in a move aimed at avoiding the crowded places, according to guidelines issued by the Autonomous Administration for Northern and Eastern Syria, to confront the Coronavirus.

The people of northern and eastern Syria praised the directives issued by the administration in the north and east of Syria, which came to preserve the safety of citizens.

One of the guidelines is to stay away from densely populated places, in order to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading in the region where no infection has yet been recorded.

The people's appetite to buy more vegetables and the rest of the necessary foodstuffs reflects a voluntary commitment to the administration guidelines of northern and eastern Syria.

"We sell vegetables in retail, and during this week we sold to families in excess of quantities for storing them in homes, reducing their presence in crowded places in the markets, and protecting them despite the absence of any injury," said Jihad Abdul Kader, a seller at the vegetable store from the people of Shahba canton. "

"We are in the market to buy our household needs in order to avoid roaming in the markets, and out of concern for our safety, as the Coronavirus has become a pandemic all over the world, and because we are aware that there is no cure for this virus," said Sevin Ali, a displaced woman from the occupied Afrin canton.

Sevin called the migrants of Afrin to follow "measures, attention to personal hygiene and staying in homes to prevent this virus."

As for the food seller, Yassin Mohamed, he stressed the necessity of committing to homes, and avoiding roaming in crowded places.



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