The attempted escape of Russian ISIS militants, coordinated with ISIS, in Idlib

The Internal Security Forces in al-Hol camp, north and east of Syria thwarted an escape attempt t of ISIS women, including the coordinator and the link among the women of the camp and ISIS officials in the Syrian governorate of Idlib, which is partly under Turkish occupation.

The Security Forces in al-Hol camp arrested at dawn today 5 women who are of Russian nationality, accompanied by 13 children between 1 and 7 years old, while they were trying to escape al-Hol camp, 45 km east of al-Hasakah.

Al-Hol camp is considered one of the largest camps located in the areas of the Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria, as it currently includes more than 66 thousand people; Iraqi displaced and refugees, and more than 40 thousand people from the families of ISIS mercenaries, "Syrians, Iraqis, and foreigners," which makes it the most dangerous camp in the world .

And our correspondent monitored the presence of the five ISIS women, accompanied by their children in one of the yards of the security forces prison in the camp, while they wore a uniform that is completely different from the ISIS women's garb to remove suspicions.

In the details of the escape attempt, a source in the Security Forces said that the escape attempt took place at four in the morning at the southern wall of the camp, and it was foiled after the surveillance cameras and the guard members monitored  the women's movements there.

According to the information obtained by our correspondent from the Security Forces, among the detained ISIS women is the coordinator among the women of al-Hol camp and ISIS officials in the Syrian Idlib governorate, known as Saeeda Mawloud Sultan,who is the wife of an Amir and responsible for the administrative affairs of the foreign families of ISIS mercenaries called Hassen Yaqoub.


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