"The approach strugglers took is to reject injustice"

The words delivered under the sit-in tent in Aleppo emphasized the support of parliamentarian Leyla Guven and her comrades, and that the approach taken by the resistance is to reject injustice "while humanitarian organizations stand by."

Hundreds of members of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and Community Protection Forces marched today to the sit-in tent set up by Kongra Star on its fifth day in support of the hunger strikers, demanding the removal of Ocalan's isolation.

In the event, which began with a minute of silence, Nargis Bakr spoke on behalf of Kongra Star and congratulated the residents, members of the Internal Security Forces and the hunger strikers.

On the efforts of the intervention of states in Syria, Nargis pointed out that "it is a plan to end the people calling for democracy, but having adopted the thought and philosophy of the leader, people got organized in the institutions and formed a military force of the people of the region, especially women who took their position in the revolution and proved their capabilities to this day. at the forefront of women is Leyla Guven."

In the context, several words were delivered on behalf of the Internal Security Forces by the member of Nazaliya Jafar, on behalf of Martyrs' Families Council by the administrator Aytan Rashou and the Community Protection Forces by the member Mohammad Ibash, expressing their solidarity with the detainees and politicians on hunger strike in Turkish prisons, noting that Leyla Guven's decision is sound "and proved the will of women against occupation schemes."

On the silence of human rights organizations, the words pointed out that humanitarian organizations remain silent on the violations against the peoples, "foremost of which is the isolation imposed on the international leader Abdullah Ocalan," as well as the words pledging to follow the footsteps of the martyrs and all components in the Syria must undertake the duty of protection".


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