TEV DEM: Leader Ocalan represents will of people

The Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM congratulated all the people of the world on the 74th birthday of the leader Ocalan, and called for the physical freedom of the leader and all detainees.

This came during a statement issued TEV DEM on the occasion of the 74th birthday of leader Abdullah Ocalan, which falls on April 4.

It stated: "On the occasion of the advent of the fourth of April, the birthday of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, we congratulate the leader Abdullah Ocalan and all of our Kurdish people and all of humanity on this great birth that entered the history of mankind from its widest doors."

"Leader Abdullah Ocalan has been a prisoner of free social will for 25 years, spending it in the most difficult conditions in Imrali Island prison, where the Turkish fascist state imposes strict and illegal isolation on him which is a flagrant violation of the internatioal laws."

"However, the leader Abdullah Ocalan turned Imrali Island into a source of modernity and the culture of resistance, struggle and creativity by building a philosophy of free life and accomplished a major and influential shift towards solving all the problems, crises and conflicts through the project of the democratic nation."

"The birth of the leader comes in the holiest months of the year, when nature is adorned with its beauty in the month of April, and the leader is known for his moral love for nature, society, the environment, and the love of trees and their cultivation."

"We at TEV DEM, call on all national movements, political forces, and human rights organizations, including civil society organizations and international organizations that care about the affairs of detainees, to take immediate action to demand the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and all prisoners of conscience."



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