TEV-DEM in Zor Ava, demands to know health status of leader Ocalan.

The Movement of the Democratic Society ( TEV-DEM ) in Zor Ava neighborhood of the Syrian capital, Damascus, freedom lovers and humanitarian organizations, demanded to pressure the Turkish state to allow the lawyer of the leaderAbdullah Ocalan to meet with him.

 The statement of TEV-DEM came after a fire broke out in a forest near the prison of the leader Abdullah Ocalan on the Island of Imrali in Turkey.

During the statement, the Democratic Society Movement denounced the indifference of the Turkish State and its government to the fire in Imrali.

It called on the United Nations and the International Security Council, as well as the democratic powers, to pressure on the Turkish States to allow Ocalan's lawyers to meet with him.

The movement also demanded to know the health status of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.



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