TEV-DEM: In memory of plot, we are closer to freedom, certain victory

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), noted that the plot against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan continued but weakened, in a statement that included, "In the anniversary of the plot, we are closer to freedom, and in the memory of the resistance, we are closer to a certain victory.


The international plot against the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan entered its 21st year, TEV-DEM today issued a statement in this regard stating that the plot is continuing but has weakened and that Imrali is no longer a small island or a prisoner's room, but has become a light and freedom that filled the hearts.

The text of the statement:

"With Resistance, we Denounce it and with Resistance We Will Destroy it and by Circumventing the Leader, we Will Free the Leader Ocalan, the People and the Homeland."

"On February 15, 1999, the interests of the forces of evil against a people met in the person of Ocalan. The aim was to end the movement of resistance of the people and to end the resistance movement, planned, to end the cause of an entire people and strip it of its tools and means.

But twenty years after the plot, we can say that the plot is continuing but it has weakened, and the resistance continues, stronger and wider. It has moved from a small prison on a small island to all parts of Kurdistan, the Middle East, and the world. The resistance has destroyed the tyranny and aggressiveness of the aggressors. The hearts of the peoples that united and gathered around the Imrali intellectual school, turning the movement from man to people organized according to the theory of the democratic nation.

Imrali is no longer a small island and a room for a prisoner. It has become a light and freedom that filled the hearts of free people with thought, even though they were bound in the prisons of the fascist Turkish. The resistance of Leyla Guven and her three hundred comrades forced the fascism to bow and put them in an untenable position.

The resistance of prisons has become a philosophy originated in the prisons of Diyarbakir (Amed) and Imrali to become schools to teach the whole world on how to fight, these battles are a way, means and powerful weapon to raise the morale and destroy enemies and proof of the love of the free life and freedom."



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