TEV-DEM decries atrocities practices against women in occupied Afrin

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) condemned the crimes committed by Turkey's mercenaries in the occupied canton of Afrin, and held the United Nations and international forces responsible for those crimes.

In a written statement issued today, the TEV-DEM affirmed that the violations against women in Afrin is an attempt to strike at the will of the Kurdish woman.

The text of the statement read:

A statement to world public opinion

Afrin region has been exposed to atrocities practices and inhuman crimes since, March 2019, till this moment by Turkish occupation and its gangs with all terrorists' factions are existed there, where indigenous residents were forcibly displaced and committed horrible crimes against them that violated human values and moral principles against unarmed civilians.

Massacres and ethnic cleansing

The events that are taking place in the Afrin region now remind us of the Şengal massacres, through which mercenaries try to commit what they were unable to commit in the entire of Şengal province, and against the women in particular, through its continuity in Afrin, and from the early days of the Turkish occupation to the moment and with the direct support of mercenaries with all its factions carrying out purges ethnic of indigenous people, exodus, killing, and kidnappings of men, women and children minors, stealing and other crimes that are considered systematic demographic policies.

Insulting the right of women

The kidnapping of women and gathering them in the headquarters of mercenaries who are naked is an act contrary to human values and principles, as it is considered an insult to the right of women globally, and at the same time it is considered a blow directed at the Kurdish pioneer women, who led the humanitarian revolution in an attempt to undermine the free will of the Kurdish woman, and this persistence and transgression means their bankruptcy and their impartiality from all human values, and Turkey has a black record in this field, as this reminds us of the brutal Ottoman Turanian acts which are slanderous and despicable acts that only cowards do.

The international community is responsible for mercenary crimes

These mercenaries, including the Turkish occupation, carry out these crimes and genocide without obstacles hindering them, and before the eyes of the entire international community, as if the Afrin region is a forgotten region and outside the international accounts of the geography of Syria, where all the mercenary and terrorist factions, including the Turkish occupation, have gathered in it.

We in TEV-DEM bear the main responsibility of the United Nations, which is missing its legitimate role in the region and the Russian role and the International Coalition concerned with the Syrian issue, and we condemn the silence of international human rights organizations as well as women's rights organizations regarding these immoral crimes, we appeal to the world public opinion and the international bodies concerned to take clear and bold stances, in condemning and denouncing such crimes which is disgrace of the humanity and working to form fact-finding committees in the Afrin region. "



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