TEV –DEM condemns government attempts to make a demographic change in Tal Arran

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV –DEM) condemned the demographic change attempts being made by the Syrian government by transporting the gypsy to the towns of Tal Arran and Tal Hasel in the northern countryside of Aleppo, calling on civil society organizations to pressure the Syrian government to cancel the quarantine center in the town of Tal Arran.

The condemnation came in a written statement in which TEV -DEM recalled the exclusionary mentality of the Syrian government against the Kurds over decades of unjust rule.

The text of the statement read:

"After spending nine years of conflict in Syria, during which the land and the people were subjected to division and dispersal in many social, economic, cultural and scientific fields as a result of the mentality affiliated with and saturated with the chauvinist policies of the ruling party, the policy of denial, exclusion and adherence to absolute power remains in force in Syria."

The Syrian government is manipulating the fate of the Kurds

"The Syrian regime is still looking at the Kurds that they are not Syrians, and they have to leave no matter how much they cost them, manipulating their fate, as if they are more dangerous than the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and are enacting laws and decisions to end the Kurdish presence in multiple regions, in the towns of Tal Arran and Tal Hasel, which were inhabited by more than 125 thousand people before the crisis, the first to resist an attack by the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra and extremist factions in the summer of 2013, after the regime abandoned it unprotected and left their throats to the swords of Nusra, which advanced towards the two towns towards the cities of Waha, the stronghold of the center of the regime and Safeera area, where the terrorists of Nusra carried out large massacres that claimed the lives of dozens of residents of those towns and dozens of hostages which fate is unknown till now, the Syrian regime bears responsibility for the massacre heinous, because it left them without assigning to force people to flee. "

The Syrian government coordinates demographic change operations with the Turkish occupation

"And today, as in the 1960s, when the Arab belt was created, and the unjust count against the Kurds, the Syrian chauvinist regime is trying to repeat the same scenario against the Kurds in Tel Arran and Tel Hasel, but using the pretext of protecting against the Corona virus, by converting the schools of the two towns into quarantine centers, amassing the gypsies from the various areas of the regime’s control to the center of the so-called “Al-Aqsa Martyrs” in Tel Arran, with the aim of emptying the two towns in that region and housing the gypsies or the chauvinist families in the two towns as the Turkish occupation does in Afrin and Serekaniye, where the regime is brought in coordination with the Turkish occupation.

Immoral policy

Knowing that gypsies’ presence in Syria is in the countryside in central Syria, the regime could transfer them to the closest quarantine centers in that region and away from the gatherings, and not transfer them or collect them in Tal Arran and Tal Hasel, the regime wants through this rapprochement to spread the Corona virus (Covid-19) among the Kurds, this is a policy contrary to morality and human values.

A condemnation of the practices of the Syrian government

We in the Democratic Society Movement TEV -DEM condemn what the Syrian regime is doing by establishing a quarantine center in the town of Tal Arran adjacent to the town of Tal Hasel, and to stop its chauvinistic policies against the will of our Kurdish people, as it was possible to build a center away from population centers.

We call on civil society organizations and the United Nations UNICEF to put pressure on the Syrian regime to cancel the quarantine center in Tel Arran.



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