TEV-DEM commemorates martyr Diyar demanded to be united in confrontation occupier 

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) has pledged to move forward and on "the footsteps of martyr Diyar and his comrades"in embodying the values of martyrdom and patriotism, and demanded to be united in confrontation of Turkish occupation.

The Kurdistan Community Movement released in a written statement in about the martyrdom of the Kurdistan Communities Union's Leader, Diyar Gharib, which offered condolences to the people of Kurdistan and his comrades."

The text of the statement:

"We in the Democratic Society Movement (TEV- DEM) offer deepest condolences to the family of the martyr Diyar Gharib and to his comrades and all the people of Kurdistan for their loss of the righteous son of south Kurdistan and we also pledge to be faithful in his way and holding his banner and escalation the struggle and resistance in the face of the Turkish occupation and its collaborators till achieving the Kurdish people's freedom. "

The statement added: "It is no secret to anyone that the Turkish state is carrying out brutal attacks on south Kurdistan in trying to occupy the region, as a result of the failure of the policies of the government of justice and development inside and outside Turkey to the lowest levels, which made them resort to export their problems to Kurdistan; Its ambitions through the policies of the denial the will of our Kurdish people in the north and west and south of Kurdistan, the Government of Justice and Development's aggressive policies and its resorting to the bombing of the Kurdish areas and the targeting of the Kurdistan National Liberation Movement and its leaders are indicative of the bankruptcy of the Justice and Development Party.

The statement pointed out that "the targeting of the member of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Diyar Gharib (Helmet), is targeting the national character of Kurdistan, righteous son of south Kurdistan, at the same time is a sign that the Turkish occupation state not only hostile to our people in north Kurdistan, in all parts of Kurdistan without distinction between civilian and military, in order to expand its Ottoman influence by playing on international balances."

"We as, Democratic Society Movement (TEV DEM) condemn the Turkish occupation's brutal attacks on the territories of south Kurdistan, and we strongly condemn the attacks and indiscriminate shelling, and we pledge to move forward on the path of martyr Diyar and his companions in the embodiment of the values ​​of martyrdom and patriotism, and the escalation of the struggle and the way of resistance until victory, and such cowardly acts will not undermine our will, but increases our determination to resist and escalation the struggle against the occupier and its collaborators, and we will seek to make the martyrdom of comrade Diyar Gharib suitable to be united and to confront the dangers Turkish occupation of our territories. "



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