TEV-DEM commemorates 25 June massacre's martyrs

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) commemorated, in a statement, the martyrs of the June 25 massacre that Daesh mercenaries committed in the city of Kobani on its fourth anniversary.

On the fourth anniversary of June 25 massacre, the Democratic Society Movement issued a statement to public opinion saying:

"We in the for Democratic Society Movement (TEV -DEM) commemorate the massacre of Kobani during its fourth year, which Daesh conducted with the blessing of the Turkish state, in which hundreds of victims fell.

The massacre was the result of the liberation of Kobani. The aim of this massacre was the revenge, after Daesh collapsed and lost its balance in the region, and it aimed, through this massacre, to impede the liberation campaign of Manbij and al-Tabqa and its cities and rural areas as well as attempting to keep the border corridors with Turkey open to supply Daesh, and the other goal is to spread terror in the hearts of the people to push them to evacuate Kobani and occupy it again, but thanks to the resistance and sacrifices and efforts of the People's and Women's Protection Units and in cooperation with the people Kobani was cleared from mercenaries who infiltrated, restoring then security and peace in the region again.

Once again, we in the Democratic Society Movement condemn this massacre, and we pledge our people to raise the pace of the struggle and defeat terrorism and occupation and to achieve the final victory, and remain a torch for the free in the world and a national symbol and witness to the terror of Daesh.


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