TEV-DEM commemorated 12th March, denouncing plot against Kurds 

The Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM indicated that the Qamishlo uprising revealed the extent of the Baathist chauvinist racist spirit towards the Kurds in Syria, and said that "the solution in Syria lies in democratic projects based on societal moral policy, not denying the will of the free people that defeated terrorism"

Democratic Society Movement, TEV-DEM, issued a statement to the public opinion on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the March 12, 2004 uprising, which was sparked by the city of Qamishlo. The TEV_DEM 's statement stated:

"First of all, we pay tribute to the martyrs of the Qamishlo uprising in its sixteenth anniversary, and to all the martyrs of the revolution in the north and east of Syria.

It was a planned plot, organized by a handful of spiteful chauvinistic Baathists in Syria and with the direct support of the regime, through which they wanted to obliterate the Kurdish identity from existence in Rojava and Syria and work to sow sectarian strife between the Kurds and the Arabs and the rest of the components, but soon, these events had been changed to a massive popular uprising in the face of the chauvinist Baathist conspirators. The power of a rising people forced the Syrian regime and its repressive tools, adhering to the statement that the Kurds are an essential part of the Syrian social fabric.

The March 12, 2004 uprising in Qamishlo witnessed major transformations, the most important of which was an end to the arbitrary and repressive practices of the Syrian Ba'athist regime, and the uprising spread in all the cities of Rojava and some Syrian cities where the Kurds are present as a result of the resistance that our people demonstrated in the face of the barbarism of the regime and by virtue of the sacrifices to the sacrifices of dozens of martyrs and hundreds of wounded, in all the cities of Rojava and including the city of Aleppo where the regime used live bullets against the will of our uprising people.

This uprising also revealed the extent of the chauvinistic spirit against the Kurds in Syria and the extent to which the Syrian Baathist regime was affected by the chauvinist Turkish system under the Adana Agreement. And start issuing martial law and provisions that stipulate arbitrary and arbitrary arrests of our society and the decisions of state security courts.

However, our people had not surrendered. On the contrary, our Kurdish people gained their strength and well-being with great hope towards protecting their rights and organized their ranks and started protest operations peacefully and democratically everywhere, demanding the release of all detainees and the cessation of the security oppressive practices of the regime.

Syria has been suffering since 9 years from much destruction, killing and exodus and in these sensitive stage, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad released statements, after the failure to hit the will and unity of peoples sowing discord between the components and his failure to use tribes in his favor, targeted the will of our Kurdish people again "that they are not Syrians"

And in this time Turkish occupation is still sending reinforcements and threats of the Turkish occupation to divide and partition the Syrian lands and support for terrorism in an attempt to occupy a portion of the soil of this country and annex it to Turkey, we see the Syrian regime turning a blind eye to what the Turkish fascist occupation is doing inside the Syrian lands and the Syrian regime evades responsibility and radical solutions by not accepting the will and unity of the peoples under the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, which fought terrorism and occupation to protect the territorial integrity of Syria.

We believe that such statements do not serve the Syrian solution but rather complicate it further and open the doors of new conflicts and calamities and do not serve the brotherhood of the Syrian people and any democratic solution project.

We also affirm that the solution lies in democratic projects based on societal moral policy. And the project of Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA represented by the will of the components of Syria, which is the most appropriate for the solution, and not denying the will of the free peoples who defeated terrorism and achieved gains and accomplishments and preserved the protection of the territorial integrity in order to reach a democratic and decentralized Syria.



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