TEV-DEM: Afrin people at risk of two "organized disasters" amid international silence

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) termed what the people of Afrin are subjected to as, "two organized disasters" caused by the Turkish occupation and the Damascus government and the Syrian regime, the sole beneficiaries of international silence.

This came through a statement issued by the TEV-DEM with the advent of the third anniversary of invading Afrin by Turkey and its mercenaries, and the statement read:

Since early 2018, due to an international consensus, the Afrin region inhabitants were subjected to the fiercest terrorist air and ground attack by the Turkish occupation army, in cooperation with its allied mercenary factions, using during their first raids, 42 warplanes, to cut off part of the Syrian territory and hit the will of the components of the region and their achievements represented in his project to build his democratic institutions.

What has Afrin been suffering during the three years under the Turkish occupation so far, transcended all concepts of occupation, striking all international norms and conventions against the wall, committing more war crimes, and carrying out the demographic change. What the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are doing in Afrin, is "a dangerous project", and it is considered introduction for their project and scheme known as the Milli Chauvinist Charter, and it has a direct link with organized terrorism.

Fifty-eight-day resistance demonstrated by Afrin people to defend their region and their values, which were called the Resistance of the Age, against the NATO second largest army equipped with the latest weapons and technology, putting them at risk of two organized disasters in revenge for their losses. The first is in Afrin, as ethnic, systematic kidnappings and random arrests aim to terrorize people and force them to surrender or die, and the second, targeted the displaced in al-Shahba camps as they face a real humanitarian catastrophe between the daily Turkish shelling and the Syrian regime policies, taking advantage of the international silence. This reduces the legal and human rights responsibility in the structure of the international community system.

We in the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) appeal to all institutions and civil society organizations and all international organizations concerned with human rights, women’s affairs organizations and global public opinion to take clear and bold positions in condemning and denouncing these immoral and inconsistent crimes.



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