Terrorist cell captured in Manbij city

Manbij Military Council's Media Center said that Counter Terrorism Forces have arrested terrorists their elements admitted that they were operating with some mercenaries' factions that are related with Turkish occupation of the so-called " Euphrates Shield area" of committing terrorist's attacks in Manbij city and they were getting money to committee their crimes. 


The Media Center of the Manbij Military Council has posted on its official website, announcing in it that terrorist cell has been arrested it prepares to implement several attacks operations inside Manbij.

The text of the statement:

Manbij city has recently witnessed many developments, which are related with security and stability, coinciding with the provocations by the so-called" Euphrates Shield "on the front line separating them and between our forces, these factions began to target security in the city of Manbij, which enjoys stability and the manifestations of social life joint, through the owners of weak souls, in the exploitation of their need for money to put them in the positions of criminal and terrorist acts against the people of their country

The Counter Terrorism Unit has been working diligently in the past few days to trace the locations of these terrorist cells, as well as to identify the targets that will be targeted by them. The Counter-Terrorism Unit has raided the places of their headquarters and many mines and equipment were being discovered for launching terror operations in Manbij city funded by factions of the "Euphrates Shield" 

Following up on the issue for a while, their whereabouts were revealed. With strenuous efforts by the Counter-Terrorism Unit and the palces of mines and equipment that had been pre-positioned.

The names of the three elements are listed below:

Head cell

The cell leader: Abdul Hanan al-Ahmad Ibn Ali

Nicknamed: Abu Ali

Age: 45 years

Its mission is to detonate mines and assassinate of Manbij Military Leaders by appointing people to carry out these tasks.

Cell partner: Abdul Latif Mohammed Al Mulla

Nicknamed: Abu Jamal

Age: 40 years

His mission: to hide explosives and pistols with silencer.

Cell partner: Mohammed Khalaf Sulaiman al-Jali

Age: 71 years' old

Work: in agriculture

Accommodation: Manbij

The equipment in their possession were:

- pistol with muffler

- 6 mines with full equipment and remote control

In addition to processing an alternative plan, which is to put poison into the food.

The Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Manbij Military Council continues its efforts to eradicate root of terrorism.



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