Tel-Tamr, Zarkan villages suffer from Turkish occupation atrocities like, cutting water, electricity

​​​​​​​Throughout the month of March, the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the villages of Tel Tamr and Zarkan in Al-Jazeera region continued, targeting the region's electricity and water supply lines, and for more than 5 times the drinking water was cut off by more than 500 thousand people in light of fears of the emergence and spread of Corona in the region.

With the start of the spread of the Corona virus in the world and its arrival in the neighboring countries of Syria last March, the Turkish occupation army intensified its attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria, taking advantage of the concern of the whole world to confront the emerging Corona virus (Covid-19).

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries violated the ceasefire agreement and targeted the countryside of Tel Tamr and Zarkan 11 times throughout the month of March.

The bombing, which has increased in frequency since last February 24, is focused on villages inhabited by civilians in the north of Tel Tamr and Zarkan, at a time when the World Health Organization is calling for taking preventive measures against the emerging Corona virus by committing to homes and not leaving them except in the necessary cases.

On the second of March, the occupation army shelled with missiles and rockets the villages of Umm al-Keif and Tel Jum'a, which are densely populated with the Assyrian population, in the countryside of the Tel Tamr district, and on the following day, on March 3, it expanded the area of its shelling, targeting the vicinity of the Zarkan district with missiles.

On March 6, the occupation army targeted with missiles high voltage networks in the village of Umm al-Keif, and became out of the service, which led to a complete blackout of Tel Tamr and its countryside, so that the People’s Municipality in Tal Tamr would later maintain the network and return it to service.

On March 13, the Turkish occupation forces bombed the villages of Umm al-Khair and Tawila in the countryside of Tel Tamr with heavy weapons and mortar shells, and on the following day bombed the village of Umm al-Keif from the occupied village of Tal al-Shayir.

On March 15, the occupation army and its mercenaries launched attacks on the densely populated village of Umm al-Keif, under the cover of artillery and missile shelling, while the forces of Tal Tamr Military Council responded to the attacks within the framework of legitimate defense and were able to thwart the attacks.

After the failure of the attack, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries brutally bombed the villages of Umm al-Keif and Tawila, and as a result of the intense shelling, Ahmed Mustafa Hazouz, 55, was wounded in the back, and an element of the Syrian regime forces was wounded in the leg, called Alaa Mowaffaq, 23, years old.

While the Turkish occupation continued its shelling of Umm al-Keif with mortar shells on March 23 last year.

Cutting off the water and target the traction lines

Since the beginning of the conversation about the dangers of the Corona virus and the need to pay attention to personal hygiene, especially washing hands with water and soap adequately, the Turkish occupation has cut off water from the city of al-Hasakah and its countryside throughout the month of March, and for 5 times, by stopping pumping water from Alouk station it occupies, after That expelled its workers.

Not only did this matter stop, but the occupation army targeted the water supply lines to the area, and in this context, the occupation army targeted the water supply lines at the village of Umm al-Keif, north of Tal Tamr, on the second of April, which led to its departure from service and water cut off from the area, to accelerate People s' Municipality and the Water Directorate in al-Hasakah to maintain the lines affected by the bombing, according to what has been affirmed by the co-chair of People s' Municipality of Tal Tamer Muhammad Khloo.

The co-chair of the Directorate of Water in al-Hasakah canton, Suzdar Ahmed, says that the Turkish occupation is deliberately cutting the water of Alouk Station and targeting the supply lines to cut off the water from the area.

Send infected with Corona virus to the region

Informed sources from inside Turkey and in the city of Serêkaniyê

confirmed to our (ANHA) on the 24th of last March that the Turkish occupation is transferring those infected with the Corona virus from its lands to the Syrian lands that have been occupied to put them in quarantine centers and primitive field hospitals, especially in the occupied city of Serêkaniyê.

Intensification of attacks in April

Since the beginning of the month of April this year, the occupation army has intensified its bombing of the area, as the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries shelled on the first of this April the vicinity of the Zarkan district with more than 30 shells.

As a result of the bombing of the village of Rabia in the countryside of Zarkan, 4 civilians were wounded and were subsequently transferred to Tel Tamr Hospitals for receiving medical treatment, whose names are: “Muhammad Khidr Sayel, 40, years old, Haitham Yousef Wazo, 25, years old, Jazia Ali ,30, years old, and Yassin Ramadan ,25, years old.”

On the following day (April 2), the Turkish occupation forces targeted the villages of Rabia, Umm al-Keif, Umm al-Khair, Umm al-Khair, al-Qasimiyya and Aboush with shells, rockets and artillery intensively, resulting in the killing of an officer and an element of the Syrian government forces and wounding 5 others.

Turkey seeks to exploits the Corona epidemic to achieve gains


On March 23, the United Nations Secretary-General appealed for a ceasefire in all conflict areas of the world to better combat the (Covid-19) epidemic.

The SDF announced its support for this call, and accordingly the United Nations welcomed the statement issued by SDF on March 24.

Despite this call and the entire world seeking to unite their efforts in order to confront Corona, Turkey seeks to exploits this epidemic to achieve political and military gains, without paying any attention to the lives of civilians.



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