Tel Abyad Military Council: Turkish occupation intensifies shelling during harvest season

The Tal Abyad Military Council confirmed that the Turkish occupation army intensified its bombing on the countryside of Ain Issa district during the harvest season to burn crops and affect people's sources of income.

The spokesman for the Tal Abyad Military Council, Wissam al-Omar said: The Turkish occupation has intensified its bombing on the areas in the contact lines during the past month, in both the countryside of Girê Spî and Ain Issa cantons, with all heavy, medium and light weapons.

Al-Omar mentioned some villages that are targeted on a daily basis; Including: "Al-Fatsa, Sayda, Meshirafa Ain Issa, Al-Hoshan, Ain Issa camp, Qazali, Al-Arida, Al-Salibi, Al-Jadida and the M4 international road."

Al-Omar added, "The Turkish occupation  fired incendiary bullets at farmers' crops in the village of Al-Fatsa in the eastern countryside of Ain Issa district, which caused fires in it.

As for the material damage, al-Omar said that the Turkish occupation and its backed mercenaries targeted, on the 17th of May, the village of Al-Jadida in the western countryside of Ain Issa district and the M4 international road, wounding 5 citizens, including a child.

ANHA agency documented the names of the wounded who were transferred to the Martyr Omar Alloush Hospital in Ain Issa district to receive first aid. They are: "Muhammad Fawaz Al-Waqaa' (18 years old), Mahmoud Fawaz Al-Waqqa' (17 years old), Muhammad Salem Kamal (26 years old), Muhammad Al-Balikh (30 years old), and Mahmoud Al-Jassem (35 years old)."

Al-Omar concluded his statement by stressing that they will be the fortified shield in the face of the Turkish and its mercenaries plans , that aimed at seizing the Syrian lands, and stressed raising the pace of struggle and resistance until all the usurped lands are liberated.



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