Taliban storm into western region of Afghanistan, government confirms its withdrawal "tactically"

Hundreds of members of the Taliban, invaded the area in the province of Badghis, west of Afghanistan, after heavy fighting with government forces, during which the two sides suffered dozens of dead and injured, while authorities said they decided to "tactical withdrawal" from the region.

Hundreds of Taliban militants stormed an area in Afghanistan's western province of Badghis after heavy fighting between them and Afghan government forces in which both sides suffered dozens of deaths and injuries, Reuters reported.

"The Taliban killed 36 government troops and captured several checkpoints in the attacks that started on Wednesday night," said Waris Chizad, governor of the Balragab district, late on Thursday.

Jamsheed Shehabi, the governor of Badghis province, said more than 30 of Taliban troops had been killed.

Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf said the movement carried out the attack from four directions and seized five checkpoints.

The Afghan Defense Ministry in a series of tweets on Twitter confirmed that its troops chose to "withdraw tactically" from checkpoints to prevent civilian deaths. It said it had called on the Air Force to strike at Taliban positions.

In recent weeks, the conflict in Badghis has intensified particularly in the Kunduz region in the north and Helmand in the south. The two sides suffered heavy losses in Badghis last month, which saw the surrender of 50 members of the Afghan security forces to the Taliban.




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