Taliban stated of shooting down American plane, killing entire crew

The Afghan Taliban Movement said that it shot down a plane in eastern Afghanistan, which belongs to the American forces, and the entire crew was killed.

acebook126TwitterWhatsAppTelegramTaliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed said in a statement that all crew members, including senior officers were killed, and that the plane was crashed in Ghazni province.

He added that the plane, which was on an intelligence mission, was shot down in Sado Kahel area of ​​Deh Yak canton in Ghazneh.

A source in the US Defense Ministry (Pentagon) told al-Hurra TV that the American forces’ command in Afghanistan is investigating the incident without indicating that it is American.

The source explained that the plane's crash area is disputed between Kabul government and Taliban.

Reuters quoted a senior official involved in the investigation, denying that no American official was killed in the accident which is still under investigation.

The Source: Agencies



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