Taliban commander killed in attack by Afghan forces

​​​​​​​A Taliban commander and two of his companions were killed in an attack by Afghan forces, in response to an attack by the Taliban that killed Afghan soldiers last night.

According to the Afghan news agency, "Khaama Press", Saturday, the Afghan forces launched an attack on Taliban militants, in response to the killing of Afghan soldiers, killing a leader of the movement and two of his companions.

The office of the governor of Nangarhar province said in a statement that the leader of the "Taliban" called Bashar, killed two Afghan local army soldiers in the Patti Kot district last night.

The statement added that the Afghan forces carried out a retaliatory raid, which resulted in the death of Bashar and two of his companions.

This "Taliban" did not comment on the incident so far.

Clashes continue between Taliban militants and Afghan forces in several provinces in the country, amid ongoing efforts to find a negotiated political settlement to end the conflict.

According to the Afghan National Security Council report, the Taliban have intensified their attacks in recent months, and observers believe that these attacks threaten the peace agreement signed by both the United States of America and the Taliban.



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