Talal Mohammed: Rojava Revolution reflects true meaning of Syrian revolution

Talal Mohammed explained that the Revolution of Rojava reflects the true meaning of the Syrian revolution, and that the Syrian people paid a heavy price as a result of the conflict between the Syrian regime and the so-called opposition, which followed the orders of foreign, and entered Syria in a dark tunnel, and pointed out that the solution of the Syrian crisis lies in the participation of representatives North and East of Syria in the Syrian negotiations.


On March 15, 2011, the children of Daraa city demonstrated against the security authorities in Syria against the backdrop of their arrest of 13 children who wrote a phrase on the walls of the school: "The people want to overthrow of the Bashar al-Assad's regime." The Security Forces confronted the demonstration with live bullets. The Syrian revolution, which turned into a real crisis as a result of foreign intervention in its eighth year, and turned from revolution to war between the various international parties, which led to the revolution of the Syrian regime, to demand freedom and dignity and improve the social conditions and access to their civil and political rights. Now it leaves hundreds of thousands of dead and more than 6 million displaced.

The co-chair of the Democratic Peace Party, Talal Mohammed, explains that the spark of the Syrian revolution started from the city of Daraa after some children launched slogans calling for "freedom" and said: "The revolution was based on a demand for democratic change and for living in freedom and dignity."

He pointed out that regional countries have opened their borders to terrorists to form radical groups whose aim is to hit the Syrian fabric. The Syrian revolution has changed its course, and Syria has entered a dark tunnel.

He pointed out that the Syrian people paid a heavy price during these years, and pointed out that the regime is the main reason behind the prolongation of the Syrian crisis, and revealed the truth of what is called the opposition, which does not carry any democratic project for the Syrian people, but tried to take power in Syria only. He said: "The two sides turned the Syrian territory into the arena of the third world war, and the two parties did not care about the Syrian people."

Components of Rojava and North and East of Syria protected the true meaning of the Syrian revolution

Talal Mohammed said that the components of Rojava and North and East of Syria were able to protect the true meaning of the Syrian revolution by pursuing the third line away from the conflict between the parties fighting for power. They protected the areas from the attacks and established their democratic and political system and military force to protect the region.

On the role of the regional and international parties in prolonging the Syrian crisis, Mohammed stressed that the regional and international powers want to maintain their areas of influence, such as Iran, which fought alongside the regime and participated in the killing of the Syrian people, the Turkish state which claimed at first that it was a friend to the Syrian people, and said: "Turkey funded and trained factions of the so-called free army, to implement their agendas inside Syria, and Russia also entered to protect its influence in the Mediterranean and protect its ally (the Syrian regime), America also entered the crisis line to stand in front of the expansion of Iranian and Russian influence in the region. "

"If the Syrian crisis is not resolved within a democratic Syria where everyone lives within his legitimate rights through a consensual constitution, the crisis will prolong so Syria must build a democracy in which all components have their legitimate rights. "

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party Talal Mohammed, said: "We are a strong force in the North and East of Syria. We have always pointed out to the international forces that the solution to the Syrian crisis lies in the participation of representatives of North and East of Syria in international forums and the constitutional committee."



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