Talaat Younis, Nazira Korea appointed co-chairs of al-Jazeera's Executive Council

After a meeting of the Legislative Council in al-Jazeera region, Talaat Younis, occupied the place of Abdul Karim Sarokhan in the presidency of the Executive Board alongside Nazira Korea.


The Legislative Council in al-Jazeera region held today its regular session at its headquarters in the city of Amuda, Qamishlo canton, in the presence of the co-chair of the council Hakam Khalo, and members of the council's divan Abdul Karim Seko and Elham Matli, members of the Legislative Council in the region.

The meeting focused on political and military developments, the post-elimination of IS mercenaries and the future challenges in the region.

The co-chair of the council Hakam Khalo welcomed the co-chairs of the Executive Council, Nazira Korea and Abdul Karim Sarokhan, and their deputy Hussein al-Azam.

At the meeting, the co-chairs of the Executive Council Abdul Karim Sarokhan and Nazira Korea submitted their resignation to the Executive Council, wishing the council success and moving ahead with the construction process and reaching the aspirations of Democratic Autonomous Administration.

The council's majority approved the resignation of Abdul-Karim Sarokhan, after which the Legislative Council nominated Talaat Younis to occupy the presidency of the Executive Council and to be granted confidence after providing a summary of his resume and positions previously held before the Legislative Council, moreover, the council renewed confidence in Ms. Nazira Korea for the presidency along with Talaat Younis.


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