​​​​​​​Tal Abyad Military Council thwarts an infiltration attempt by Turkish-backed mercenaries into Girê Spi's countryside

The Tel Abyad Military Council revealed the details of infiltration attempt by the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the western countryside of Girê Spi.

Tal Abyad Military Council's spokesman Wissam Al-Omar revealed the details of the infiltration attempt into the village of Kor Hasan of Girê Spî canton.

According to Al-Omar, the infiltration attempt took place at 2:20 a.m On Tuesday.

He said: "The inhabited village of Kor Hasan was exposed at 2:20 am to the infiltration attempt of 15 mercenaries belonging to the Turkish occupation, equipped with light and medium weapons, including grenades, RPGs, and Kalashnikovs supported by 23 weapons, and artillery preparation from the Turkish bases in conjunction with the infiltration process".

He added: " Our forces repelled the infiltration attempt and resulting in killing one mercenary and injury another, while the rest fled, after that the village was subjected to violent Turkish bombardment from theTurkish bases started from 3:00 until 5:00 in the morning."

At the end of his speech, the spokesman for the Tal Abyad Military Council pledged to defend the sanctity of the Syrian lands and follow the path of martyrs and resistance until the liberation of the entire occupied lands.



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