Syrians under Turkey's violations and international law's disregard

Turkey and its mercenary groups continue to commit various types of violations against the northeast areas of Syria, such as killing, looting, demographic change, setting fire in the crops and cutting waterlines, amid complete international disregard.

Member of the Lawyers Union in Kobani Azad Abdi said that "what Turkey is doing against the northeast regions of Syria from the heinous practices against civilians is a violation of international laws and charters according to the principles of the United Nations."

He adds: "One of the violations is the use of the internationally prohibited weapons, the  people displacement, the dispatch of mercenaries, the demographic change in the Syrian regions, and cutting off water."

Jurist Azad Abdi stresses "the necessity for the UN Security Council to fulfill its duty regarding what Turkey is doing."

Turkey used internationally prohibited weapons in its attack on Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain in October of last year, according to pictures of victims, as doctors said it might have been caused by Turkey using of the white phosphorous.

Turkey has also forced 300,000 people to flee their homes from Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain and more than 75,000 people from the city of Tal Abyad, in addition to killing scores of civilians and destroying many homes.

Turkey did not stop there, but rather went on fighting people in their livelihoods deliberately, burning the agricultural fields in Kobani, Ain Issa, Girê Spî, and Tal Tamr.

It also reduced water flowing rate in the Euphrates River to Syrian territories by 60 percent early this month for the second time in 4 years, threatening the lives of millions of civilians".

He asserted that: "World countries inaction towards Turkey's practices against civilians confirm that they are also partners in what Turkey is doing against the Syrians."

Abdi concluded saying that "the Syrian government is responsible for what is happening in Syria. As a member of the United Nations, it  must submit complaints to the international courts as well as the International Criminal Court to carry out its duty towards the Turkish inhuman practices against civilians."

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