Syrian's regime launched campaign of arrests in Tel-Aran, Tel-Hasel

The Syrian regime has launched a campaign of arrests in the towns of Tel-Hasel and Tel-Aran belonging to al-Safera in north Syria near Aleppo, in the past few days, and campaign of arrests are still ongoing.

 A source said that the arrests are taking place through the air intelligence branch in the area, and that dozens of young people, especially the Kurds, have been arrested.

The source said that the intelligence branch still wants to arrest more than 150 people without mentioning the reasons.

Our agency (ANHA) obtained the names of some of the detainees in the regime: Ibrahim Ali Ibo, Ibrahim Atta, Mohamed Faris, Mohie Mohamed Mahame, Hamouda Kharja, Ahmed Khalil Bashar, Qassem Jamo, Adham Yousef Karami, Ali Ahmed Fawzan and Faisal Qassem Kalo.

Their fate is still anonymous to date



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